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Performance web hosting

Performance web hosting

What is a performance web hosting ?

A website is a vital tool for the development of its digital presence. Nowadays, the usefulness of the website is no longer to be proven. Of course, in order to benefit from it, you must first put your website online This posting necessarily goes through web hosting. Several solutions exist, each satisfying specific needs. Among them is performance hosting, which is a type of shared hosting where the emphasis is on the performance and speed. Web hosting providers guarantee this performance by using powerful web servers for this hosting plan. These web servers use less CPU and RAM, handle connections faster, thus ensuring increased stability.

Why choose performance hosting

Performance hosting has the advantage of offering:

  • More power and speed. The ultra-fast web servers in the performance hosting’s process load web pages up to 20 times faster than standard hosting.
  • Less sites per server. The number of clients per server is reduced compared to normal shared hosting. Which means a more guaranteed performance. Of course, choosing a web host that you can rely on and who can provide you with this, is important.
  • Administration of the server is taken care of by the web host provider. Indeed, a web server is a complex system that requires even years of learning in order to master it to exploit its full potential. With VPS hosting, the server administration is on the customer. However, the customer can opt for the management of his server by his web host as an additional service. However, for a high performance hosting, the administration of the server is the responsibility of the web host provider, the customer just pays for the extra prowess that they couldn’t find in standard hosting.

It is important to note that, since this is still a shared hosting, it is the web host provider who fixes the server configuration for all users of the platform. Nevertheless, the host always manages to implement a general configuration that meets the needs of the server users. Performance hosting is therefore a good choice for many websites.

Some uses of performance hosting :

As the name suggests, this type of hosting is perfect for sites or applications where the performance requirements exceed those offered by standard hosting without requiring a VPS server. When in doubt, it is always advisable to contact with an excellent web hosting provider in order to make a wise choice. It is also suitable for sites that have a real need for speed

  • For sites that experience seasonal peak periods. In certain specific or random periods, sites experience greater number of visitors than usual. Either because of an event, a change of season, or for any other reason. This could be, for instance, Black Friday for e-commerce stores, championships for streaming platforms, etc.
  • To websites for which the information is regularly updated, in particular the press sites and the forums that are very popular.
  • E-commerce sites that have a large collection of products and a huge number of daily visitors.
  • For sites or applications developed with heavy CMS like Magento or Drupal.