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Drupal web hosting

What is Drupal ?

Drupal is a free CMS, that allows publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of web content to be an easy task. Drupal saw the light in 2001 and continues to improve with each release. Thus, it has been awarded several times with the prize of the best open source CMS. Building a Drupal website is a fun adventure if you have the right skills. The Drupal CMS offers a single management interface directly integrated into the front-office which facilitates greatly its handling. You can use it for many web projects : Manage collaborative sites, announcements, event calendars … It also allows the management of work groups.

Why choose Drupal web hosting for your website ?

Large companies appreciate particularly Drupal CMS , unlike WordPress, which is intended for a wider audience. It offers versatility, reliability, security through its many modules and functions. Drupal, however, requires more technical mastery. In fact, official sites are designed thanks to the latter, in particular the White House web site. Therfore, it would be wise for a novice to hire an experienced developer to build a website.

  • Drupal offers a wide variety of modules. With more than 7200 for the 7th version, it offers a package of customization possibilities to meet all needs.
  • It is an open source CMS. So, it is possible to change it freely without fearing a legal point of view.
  • Due to its popularity, it enjoys a large responsive community. Therefore, it will be easy to find help if there is a problem.
  • Drupal is very secure. With a responsive community, reported bug will be quickly corrected.
  • It offers great flexibility. In fact, it is designed to receive additional modules.

Despite having many advantages, there is no such thing as perfection. It is essential to take into account its weaknesses before creating a Drupal website. Drupal’s modules and specificities make it a resource-hungry CMS unlike its competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a suitable Drupal web hosting for a successful Drupal website. Also, it is necessary to have a real technical skills for a good understanding of Drupal.

Drupal VS WordPress

Drupal and WordPress are very successful platforms and are also the market leaders in CMS. This success can be attributed to the open source nature. In terms of seniority, Drupal wins the prize. It came into existence in 2001 and WordPress in 2003. When it comes to the number of downloads, WordPress has been leading so far. It is the same with the number of free plugins offered by these platforms. All in all, they each meet a need felt by its user and both have many followers.