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CMS WordPress, what is it ?

What is WordPress, if we’ve been told too many times that you need to know how to program in JavaScript or PHP to design a website? WordPress is a content management system, like Magento, Joomla. It saves development time when creating a website. It allows you to create dynamic sites. Its features are accessible to both novice and experienced developer.

Use WordPress for every website type

With its many themes and plugins, WordPress allows you to create several types of sites. For instance, we can cite :

  • A blog, to talk about his passions, his projects, his company …
  • A showcase site to present its products and services in a simple way.
  • An online store to sell its products and stay in touch with its customers.
  • A directory to reference professionals or companies.
  • An online community to stay in touch with friends and discuss common topics.

A feature, a WordPress plugin

A plugin is an extension that allows you to add new functionality to your site. Plugins can do almost anything. Add a store to its site (with Woocommerce for example), create questionnaires or forms, add a geographical map, optimize your images in particular.

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins, most of which are free. However, this abundance of plugins can make a beginner dizzy. However, checking things like the number of active installs, user reviews, frequency of updates, or compatibility with your version of WordPress helps in choosing the best plugins. The free plugins are accessible both on the WordPress directory and from the WordPress dashboard of its site.

Create a WordPress website

Creating a site with WordPress is the start of a great adventure. However, it can prove to be a real headache for a novice. With a little resourcefulness and patience, it is possible to get by, not without overheating the brain. But in the event that little knowledge is available, it is advisable to call in a professional. In any case, the more you use WordPress, the more comfortable you are with how it works.

Besides hiring a good developer or using your own knowledge, you need to have a hosting plan. This is the place permanently connected to the Internet, where the content of your website will be stored There are many offers on the market. Beyond this step, come the step of downloading and installing WordPress. However, there are specialized WordPress web hosting offers with self-installation to save time.

After installation, the creation of your WordPress website or blog itself begins with choosing a theme. For the rest, be seduced by the many features of WordPress.