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The best hosting of your website explained in details

How can you host your website? How can you choose the best web hosting plan for your website?
What is the right domain name for your website?

How to get the best website hosting

Shared web hosting

The cheapest form of web hosting offered by a web host. Shared hosting is the favourite plan for small projects and for a first Internet presence without breaking the bank. Find in this article, a complete tour on its features and benefits.

Performance web hosting

Whether it’s a news site, an online store, Magento or Drupal sites, performance is an important norm when choosing where to host these types of websites. In short, we guide you in finding the best performing web hosting for the success of your site.

VPS web hosting

Currently looking for a hosting solution that combines power, independence and security without the associated normal costs? Among the types of web hosting, VPS servers are present. But you have to know how and where to choose them as we explain below.

Domain name

Before proceeding to register your domain name, it is best to know how it is managed. So, find the basics, namely the choice, the acquisition and the transfer of a domain name, this essential element to ensure an effective digital presence.

SSL Certificate

What is an SSL certificate? Why is it so important for the survival of a website? What type of SSL certificate should you choose to reassure your visitors?
Everything you need to know in order to choose the right SSL certificate : their usefulness, their lifespan and impact on your audience.

Web technologies

Find all web technologies and related articles in a complete glossary of all terms and concepts related to web technology in particular. After you read it, the net will no longer have any secrets for you and your friends if you share this content with them.