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What is it Woocommerce?

If a user wants to add an online store to his site developed in WordPress, he can get a hold of an experienced developer. Otherwise, he can use a CMS designed for creating e-commerce sites. However, it is possible to stay on WordPress and use an extension intended for the creation of e-commerce applications. This is the Woocommerce plugin. This very popular and highly prized extension. It is very easy to find suitable offers for Woocommerce web hosting.

Woocommerce is a free, open source shopping cart plugin for use on websites developed in WordPress. But, it’s not the only WordPress plugin that can perform this task. Other plugins exist, both free and paid. For example: MarketPress and WP eCommerce. Woocommerce is just the competitive solution to e-commerce CMS.

Which web hosting for Woocommerce?

In the world of web hosting, there is a lot of choices at discounted prices. Affordable Woocommerce shared hosting can work for small shops. On the other hand, a store with thousands of items and customers requires a hosting plan that combines speed, continuous avaibility and reliable support. Considering that the web site must be able to receive significant traffic without occasional downtime. Otherwise, visitors will leave.

That is to say, choosing your hosting plan will depend on the size of your store and estimated traffic. There are many choices on the market with varying characteristics. We recommend that you install Woocommerce on a VPS server. During your research, evaluate the offer’s backup and restore plan, its scalability, flexibility and security.

How to install Woocommerce?

As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it can be installed from the official WordPress plugin directory. You must therefore ensure that you have access to the WordPress administration area.

  • In the left menu of the WordPress administration area, select Plugins.
  • Then click on the “add” button.
  • Enter Woocommerce in the plugin search bar displayed.
  • After finding the Woocommerce plugin in the results, click on “install now”.
  • The installation will be done on its own. At the end, click on ” Activate”.