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SDD Web hosting

SSD web hosting

What is an SSD hard drive

SSD web hosting is a web hosting where the drives used for data storage are SSD drives. First, you need to know what a hard drive is. A hard drive is a component of a computer just like RAM or the microprocessor. It allows data (files, images) to be stored even when the computer is off, unlike RAM or random access memory, which stores them only when it is on.

The classic hard drive is made up of rotating platters of heads that allow data to be written and read. The SSD (Solid State Drive) on the other hand, no longer uses mechanical components. Instead, it stores data on flash memory. They are thus faster, quieter, more economical (energetically speaking) and more resistant to shocks. Physically, an SSD hard drive is smaller than a conventional hard drive. He has the performance advantage over the latter. However, it remains more expensive. However, this price difference tends to decrease

Classic HDD vs SSD drive Speed

The notion of speed here refers to the speed at which data is written to and read from the disk. Conventional hard drives employ magnetic spinning head platters whose speed is proportional to the speed of writing and reading. SSDs on the other hand use flash memory and an integrated processor. This difference results in a much higher speed for SSD hard drives.

  • Reliability Thanks to the use of electronic components in SSD hard drives, they are more resistant to shocks or bumps. Since there is no mechanical movement, they are also more wear resistant compared to conventional discs.
  • Lifetime On the point of life, the classic hard drive wins the round. This is because SSD cells tend to break down over time. However, it should be noted that users of machines or owners of servers replace their SSD drive well before their end of life due to obsolescence.
  • Energy consumption For SSDs, the electrical energy allocated to them is only used for data storage. Whereas in conventional hard drives, extra energy is expended for all mechanical movements. As a result, SSD hard drives consume less power.

Why you need to choose SSD web hosting

After having cited all the differences and noted the advantage of ssd disks over conventional hard disks, one might wonder what will be its advantage in the context of web hosting.

  • The main benefit of using SSD hosting is faster page loading. Nowadays, Internet users are less and less tolerant of pages that take a long time to load. This is therefore a significant advantage for a website.
  • Better SEO. Google now penalizes websites with slow page load times. The slower the page load, the lower the search ranking of the site in question. Obviously other parameters contribute to the slowness of a site, but opting for SSD hosting is already a guarantee of speed.
  • The reliability of the SSD hard drives is also an important advantage. On an SSD server, data is better protected from the risks of bumps and shocks, thus preventing potential data compromise.
  • It also offers adequate performance to sites where the database is used a lot such as WordPress or e-commerce sites.

SSD hosting has many other benefits that will always be a plus for your site. For e-commerce sites where performance, page loading and reliability are paramount, we strongly recommend opting for VPS SSD hosting for their web project.