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Nowadays, when talking about web hosting, it is almost impossible not to mention server administration panels. These panels make server management a lot easier, allows you to automate the simplest to the most complex tasks. They give everyone the opportunity to manage the essential aspects of their website. Among these control panels, we have the DirectAdmin panel which will be the subject of this article.

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a management panel for the administration of all aspects of your VPS or dedicated server. It is an affordable solution to be able to host your Web site without stripping you of your assets. Note that you can directly acquire a turnkey DirectAdmin Web server at the best price and not bother with the installation stage.

The DirectAdmin panel has several levels of access to be able to assign the management of parts of the server according to the need. Thus, we distinguish between administrator access, reseller access and user access. User access provides the lowest level of functionality and is sufficient to allow the general public to manage a web hosting service. DirectAdmin allows basic tasks such as uploading and managing your website, creating and using your e-mail addresses, installing your SSL certificate. It is also possible to perform more complex tasks such as data backup, monitoring the use of system resources, statistics on your activities and more.

Alternatives to the DirectAdmin panel

There are several alternatives to the DirectAdmin control panel. That is not a competitive comparison between these panels, each solution will be better suited to one situation than another.

  • cPanel. It is the most popular server management panel and also one of the most expensive. But it offers a scalable solution for various scenarios.
  • CyberPanel. Free alternative to DirectAdmin, it is a solution that is growing day by day.
  • Plesk. It differs from other alternatives in that it is suitable for websites running in ASP or .Net.