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Nowadays Web hosting is accessible to everyone. Whether you want to put your website online or have professional email addresses, everything is within reach. However, the administration of a Web server remains a task reserved for experienced people. The control panels allow you to easily manage all aspects of your Web hosting account. You probably know the most popular panels like cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin, but this article will focus on the CyberPanel.

What is CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is a free control panel dedicated to web server management for both users and system administrators. The creators of CyberPanel aim to provide an affordable and intuitive alternative to popular administration panels. Thus, it offers all the necessary features to host any type of website. Moreover, it includes OpenLiteSpeed Web Server to provide high performance to your server.

OpenLiteSpeed, on the other hand, is an open source edition of the very powerful LiteSpeed web server. It combines simplicity, scalability, optimization, speed and security. Also, you can manage it via a user-friendly Web interface. Please note that in its paid version, it provides LiteSpeed server and enterprise support.

CyberPanel vs cPanel

In the field of web hosting, cPanel certainly holds the top spot in terms of popularity. However, CyberPanel has many strengths that make it a convincing alternative to cPanel in several scenarios.

The installation of cPanel can be complex for beginners, but CyberPanel eliminates some of the steps.
It also, uses the Access Control List (ACL) system to configure administrators, resellers and user accounts. This concept is not very familiar to novices and will therefore be beneficial depending on the profile of the server manager.

CyberPanel allows quick installation of popular CMS like WordPress with LSCache cache plugin to speed up your websites.