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What is a virtual private network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure “tunnel” within a network. In fact, the data exchanged via this tunnel is encrypted. Moreover, the VPN architecture ensures the confidentiality and integrity of shared information. Thus, only the ends of the tunnel can decrypt the transmitted message. Virtual private network is a web technology that is booming with the gradual adoption of telecommuting.

How does a VPN function?

First, a secure communication tunnel must be set up. Two elements are involved: the VPN client and the VPN server. Data encryption and decryption is managed by software. This software consists of a client part and a server part. When the architecture is in place, the client communicates only with the server via the encrypted messages. But for the rest of the network or the Internet, the VPN client looks like the VPN server. Thus, the client’s IP address will be that of the server.

Let’s use the following example to better illustrate how does it works. Imagine a student in country A wishing to access a digital library located in country B. The problem is that the library is inaccessible. So no way to consult the books in this library. The solution is to connect your client to a server in country B. In this way, he will be able to have an IP address of country B. It will therefore, be considered by the server of this library as an Internet user of country B. This will give him access to the books of this library.

What are the uses of the virtual private network?

A VPN is an essential tool for online activity for both individuals and professionals. It is used as well for:

  • Protect your data. By connecting to an IP address that is not yours, a VPN makes it impossible to hack your data. Configured on a VPS server for instance, it secures data in the context of remote work for example.
  • Remain anonymous. All web browsing on the net are plotted. The VPN allows you to keep a form of freedom.
  • Take advantage of the best rates. The prices of certain online products strongly depend on the geographic address of the visitor (for example: tickets).
  • Enjoy streaming anywhere. Many streaming platforms are geo-blocking. The VPN allows you to bypass it.