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Server administration

server administration

What is the administration of a server

When a website becomes popular or requires a special configuration, it is normal to opt for a VPS server or a dedicated server. This is where many come into contact with the discipline of server administration.

Server administration is the taking over of all the tasks involved in the correct and optimal functioning of a web server. With shared hosting, the web host takes care of this aspect, the customer just takes care of their site. The user can opt for a VPS server to concentrate on their business without the hassle of server administration tasks

Tasks relating to the management of a server

In order to maintain a high-performance server and to keep it running smoothly, the best performance of the application running on it, the server administrator performs the following main tasks on a daily basis.

  • Management of users and their rights. Not all users of the same server, even in a single company, have the same rights. The administrator is therefore responsible for defining the rights of each and everyone and the means of authentication.
  • Secure the server. Every day, at all times, servers and websites are subject to successful or unsuccessful cyber attacks attempts. The server administrator must therefore put in place the means to counter these, particularly firewalls.
  • Monitoring server activity. Malfunctions often indicate problems that need to be corrected at the server level.
  • Old technology. Technologies evolve, new versions of software and applications are released to correct bugs, provide new functionalities or correct flaws. Technology watch also involves updating software in order to increase server performance.
  • Incident management. A server is not a fixed system but a dynamic one, incidents can happen. In this case, the administration must have the time and knowledge necessary to resolve the incident so that it does not affect the business of the company.

Why entrust the administration of your server to your web host

In view of the tasks that a server requires, you could entrust the administration of your server to your host because:

  • Very low costs. System administrators are expensive. Instead of taking on dedicated staff, opting for an info-managed server is much less expensive. On the other hand, in some cases only the server administrator will not suffice, it will still be necessary to employ other trades.
  • Rich experience of the host. If you opt for a trusted and experienced web host, you can take care of your website with confidence. Since this is its job, the web host will take care of aspects of your server that you wouldn’t have suspected.
  • Save time and resources in the event of an incident. If there are any problems with your site, you will not have to devote your time or resources to resolve the problem, it is the host who takes care of everything. It makes less stress