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Ruby on Rails

What is the Ruby language

The Ruby Language is an open source and object-oriented programming language whose motto is simplicity and accessibility. A developer familiar with languages ​​like PHP or Perl will have to abandon the syntax of these languages ​​and adopt new ones with Ruby. Ruby is a language that saw the light very early, in 1990, by the Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto, known as “Matz”. However, it did not enjoy a great popularity in the early years of its existence. In this period, the poor written Japanese documentation of the Ruby language did not contribute to its success. Nevertheless, it is now enjoying good times thanks to the growth of its Ruby on Rails framework.

Ruby on Rails Framework

Ruby on Rails, abbreviated RoR, is a Ruby language framework that is gaining notoriety and followers. Intended for web applications, it has been used to design popular applications like Twitter. Along with the tools of the Rails community (like gems, plugins), many sees it as the ideal tool for developing web applications. Ruby on Rails of course takes the spirit of Ruby in its simplicity, flexibility and accessibility.

Like Ruby, it was designed with a different philosophy than most other languages. We are talking about the “Convention over Configuration” paradigm. Clearly, the goal of this language is to boost productivity by reducing the number of decisions the developer has to make. Therefore, the developer instead focuses on the tasks of his value-added project.

What can you execute with the Ruby language?

Ruby is a general purpose scripting language. Startups appreciate it very much for its simplicity and especially for the time saving it provides. Therefore, it makes it possible to develop a wide range of projects, in particular:

  • Websites. Combined with a reliable web hosting plan that supports Ruby on Rails, this website will exploit all the advantages of this language.
  • Web applications. They are easily accomplished by making use of Ruby on Rails. However, if an application offers a lot of functionality then you better host it on a VPS or dedicated server.
  • Also system utilities. You cannot only use it to the web, however, you can also use it for office applications.