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Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting

What is reseller hosting

In the world of web hosting, reseller web hosting is a plan that gives any individual or business the opportunity to quickly start their own web hosting business without having to purchase their own servers.

It is a web host that offers this type of web hosting. Depending on the plan that the user chooses, he will have at his disposal a certain number of web hosting accounts. Therefore, he will be able to sell these accounts to his clients under his own brand. On the other hand, he has control over the characteristics and limits of these accounts including disk space and price. Of course, everything else will be done within the limits of the plan he chooses.

Of course, this is not the only use for this type of reseller hosting. A web developer or a web agency, for example, could acquire such hosting in order to host their clients’ sites there in order to have better control over the whole. Or a large structure could acquire it to host its various sites.

Reseller hosting characteristics

Reseller hosting is similar to shared hosting. It also includes storage space, an amount of available RAM and bandwidth. The reseller will subdivide these resources as he sees fit between the different accounts.

On the other hand, a reseller offer differs from a shared offer by the fact that the reseller has two management interfaces. The web host from which he acquired the offer, provides a control panel through which the reseller can make all these changes and keep control of his accounts. Of course, the web host also offers him the administration panel for each of his accounts.

Since reseller hosting remains shared hosting, it has the advantage of not requiring web hosting or server administration expertise (link to future article) in order to become a reseller. Likewise, the reseller does not have to worry about the infrastructure, security and maintenance part of the servers, he only manages his accounts.

Reseller web hosting VS VPS web hosting

It is possible to opt for vps hosting instead of reseller hosting. Reseller web hosting is a good option to quickly start a hosting business or to maintain control over your websites. Conversely requires a little more technical knowledge, unless you opt for a managed VPS web hosting solution. Obviously, this option comes with its additional costs.

On the power side, a reseller’s offer is not really the one to recommend. It is generally best suited for very small websites. For websites requiring power like e-commerce sites, it would be better to host them on a VPS server.

On the security aspect too, VPS hosting is best suited. Because reseller hosting is shared hosting, it also suffers from the problems that reseller. Excessive consumption of resources by websites hosted on the same server as the reseller account will affect the performance of the account. However, the VPS server gives an environment apart. The resources are dedicated.

The reseller will have to adapt to the specific configuration that the host has implemented. If his websites need another setup, he won’t be able to edit them. The VPS does not suffer from this problem.