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python language

What is Python?

Python is a general object-oriented programming language intended for a wide variety of projects. The Python language has experienced huge growth in the recent years. It is even the most popular and widely used language. However, it is a very old programming language, which has nevertheless, stood up to the passage of time. Its creation dates back to 1991 thanks to Guido Von Rossum.

The Python language, currently in its 3rd version, is an interpreted language, which means that code written in Python does not need any prior compilation to work. It is also a very high level language. This means that its syntax is closer to human language than to machine language. This makes it easier for a beginner to understand Python than a lower level language like PHP or Perl.

What is the usage of the Python language?

Python is a general language. For a very long time, many developers ignored its power and reserved it for basic projects. Nevertheless, its simplicity and its numerous libraries have made it a language of choice in many fields of activity. On account of its many libraries, it is suitable for both simple scripts and more ambitious projects.

  • Python is a favorite language for web development. In combination with its Django Framework, it is a suitable choice for website projects, regardless of the size of the project. However, You should choose a web host whose web hosting plans include Python support.
  • System administrators typically use Python for maintenance and automation of repetitive tasks.
  • It is also a very popular language in the scientific world. Libraries adapted to the needs of this field exist like biopython.
  • Python is also widely used in Big Data.
  • Thanks to its many libraries such as Pygame, it is also used for the creation of 2D and 3D games.

Why you need to choose Python?

Python is a language that offers a lot of power despite its simplicity. Its many advantages make it a language one can turn to without regrets. So much so that several technology giants make use of it, such as Google, IBM and NASA.

  • It is intuitive and easy to understand language. It is very suitable as a first programming language to learn.
  • Its syntax offers clarity, readability and efficiency. A significant point to consider for effective maintenance.
  • A program in Python is more brief. This means that the functions require fewer lines of code compared to their PHP or C language cronies. Therefore, designing a website in Python for example, increases productivity and reduces the number of bugs.
  • Due to its wealth of libraries and modules, Python offers ready-made, easily accessible solutions for its projects.
  • Finally, Python has a hyperactive community. On account of it, it is very difficult to stay stuck on a problem for a long time. It will just be enough to appeal.