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What is NodeJS

NodeJS is software that allows using JavaScript on the server side. Many think of it as a Framework. However, it is a software platform that allows realizing event-driven network applications. It serves in particular as an HTTP server. This software, is the product of Ryan Dahl, who used the JavaScript V8 engine of the Google Chrome browser for its creation in 2009.

Why use NodeJS

Since its inception, This software has grown in popularity and the rank of its followers continues to grow. Below are some advantages of using it in a development project.

  • NodeJS is based on the JavaScript language which itself has many applications. On the other hand, web giants endorse JavaScript and make constant use of it. Like LinkedIn, PayPal and even NASA.
  • NodeJS is the fusion of the front-end (client part) and back-end (server part). Indeed, JavaScript has long been used on the client side, another language like PHP was used on the server side. NodeJs gives the possibility to develop a complete and powerful application while being in JavaScript. For a business or even a single developer, this gives the advantage of saving time and money.
  • It works on an asynchronous model thanks to its event loop. In such a loop, a large volume of requests can be processed simultaneously and efficiently.
  • It has a large and active developer community. Getting help with any concerns and information is therefore readily available.
  • On account of NodeJS software, developers have powerful and cutting-edge tools to work better.

Where to install the NodeJS software

NodeJS is compatible with both Windows operating system and Mac OS and Linux. For local use, simply download the version compatible with Its system and proceed with the usual installation steps.

If, on the other hand, you want to post an application or website online and open it to the general public, a local installation is not suitable. Instead, you will need to acquire a web hosting that supports NodeJS. For a simple web application, shared hosting will suffice. In case the need for a better performance arises a VPS server will do the job.