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Litespeed web server

What is LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed ​​is software that acts as a web server. A web server, on the other hand, is an element that serves web pages to the browser when visiting a website. The LiteSpeed ​​web server aims to accomplish this task while ensuring speed, performance and security. In addition, it achieves this goal very well as it offers significantly better performance compared to Apache and Nginx, the most used web servers.

LiteSpeed ​​exists in two versions: an open source version called OpenLiteSpeed, used just for testing before production. The commercial version is called LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise. It is available for several operating systems: Linux, OS X, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

Why use LiteSpeed ​​web server

LiteSpeed web server ​​is truly the current performance champion. More and more performance-focused web hosts are turning to him. It’s what drives performance hosting. For e-commerce sites, news sites or any high traffic site, you should opt for a shared hosting plan or a VPS server that implements LiteSpeed. The reasons for this recommendation are as follows :

  • Its full compatibility with Apache.
    If you’ve deployed Apache on your server and want to take advantage of LiteSpeed’s qualities, the transition will go smoothly. Anything that works with Apache will also work with LiteSpeed. This will use the configuration in place without important settings.
  • It provides better performance.
    LiteSpeed ​​web server is ideal for high traffic websites. Indeed, for the same number of requests, it uses much less system resources than other servers, leaving more RAM to web applications. In addition, it processes these requests much faster than its competitors. Thus, it is more economically advantageous to opt for LiteSpeed ​​on a VPS server than a dedicated server for the same performance.
  • It provides more security.
    Since LiteSpeed ​​is compatible with Apache, it works great with the mod_security security module. This module makes it possible to block a large number of cyber attacks. In addition to this module, LiteSpeed ​​comes with its own security tools against DDOS attacks for example.
  • It is a highly available server.
    Website downtime results in the loss of visitors, resulting in financial loss. LiteSpeed ​​provides the extra performance to keep your site always available. Likewise, its restart model is such that the new configurations will be applied without interruption.