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What is Imunify360?

As web technology evolves, new hacking techniques are also growing. Hackers and fraudsters have no shortage of schemes to do harm. Email scams are common as are the cyber attacks targeting web servers and applications. Faced with this challenge, each web host must be able to provide real protection to their customers’s data. It must put in place efficient and effective solutions. Imunify360 software is a popular security solution that meets this need.

Imunify360 is a powerful software suite for web hosting server security. It is a product of CloudLinux, creator of the operating system of the same name for hosting companies. Through various security tools, it provides maximum security to web servers. Moreover, its administration panel allows you to easily view the status of a server.

What is the usage of this software?

Imunify360 provides protection for the web, as well as mail server on several aspects.

  • It serves as an advanced firewall. Imunify360 does not replace the existing application firewall. Rather, it integrates with it and reinforces the structure of existence. In fact, it makes use of artificial intelligence to analyze scripts in depth and provides proactive defense.
  • It detects and protects against intrusions. On account of its excellent intrusion prevention system, it quickly blocks known attacks. Likewise, its intrusion detection system allows it to scan logs for possible threats.
  • It also serves as an anti-virus. Like an antivirus on a personal computer, it scans the file system and quarantines infected files.
  • It fixes the security holes. Whether it is for the Linux kernel or for the PHP code, the Imunify360 software fixes them without needing to restart the server. Thus, the host can provide its customers with obsolete PHP versions without danger.
  • He acts as a reputation manager. As soon as Imunify360 detects suspicious activity on a shared server, it immediately alerts the hosting provider. It helps to prevent a blacklisted account from affecting the reputation of an entire shared server.